Minimize Integration Time, Omron's Sysmac Automation Platform

Submitted on Thu, 08/13/2015
Sysmac is the latest machine automation platform from Omron with integration throughout: from controller to software. The guiding principles behind the Sysmac automation platform are:

One controller for the entire machine or production cell, open communication and open programming standards and efficient development through an integrated software environment.

The result: a powerful and robust automation platform, that integrates logic, motion, vision, safety, robotics, I/O, networks, and enterprise connectivity all within a single software

Why Sysmac?

Since 1971 the Sysmac brand has been used in automation control to convey the Omron principles of reliability, robustness and speed. Today we expand these principles throughout the entire machine.

Fastest Machine Network: To achieve the accuracy and predictability required by today’s complex machines, Omron selected EtherCAT, the fastest machine network. This is not only for motion, but I/O, Safety and Vision. This provides a huge benefit to the customer, simplifying the cabling and delivering astonishing performance.
Intel Architecture: Traditional ASIC based PLCs are efficient performers, but limited in flexibility when requirements change. The Sysmac NJ controller is based on the industrially hardened Intel ATOM processor and Real Time Operating Sysmac (RTOS)  allowing for reliable control and fast implementation of new functions or improvements. Performance can easily be scaled to suit the machine, without changing the core design.

One Controller

Integrating Logic, Motion, Vision, Safety, I/O, Networks, and Enterprise into one controller drastically reduces machine tact time and programming complexity, improving performance and speeding development.

Key NJ-Series Controller Features
  • Complete integration of Logic, Motion, Vision and Safety
  • Synchronous control of all machine network devices
  • Multi-tasking programs
  • Standard IEC 61131-3 programming
  • Single event log for controller, field devices and networks

Machine Control Features
  • Up to 64 axis control
  • Single axis moves and axes interpolation
  • 32 axes / 500μs cycle time
  • Electronic gearing and camming synchronization
  • On-the-fly electronic cam changes
  • Full control of axes group position, linear and circular interpolation
  • Control up to 8 delta robots from one controller

One Network

Through two built-in Ethernet ports, the Sysmac NJ controller connects to both Enterprise and Machine level devices.

Key EtherCAT features
  • Control servos, inverters, vision systems, distributed I/O and more
  • High synchronization accuracy using a distributed clock mechanism
  • Fastest in class network on the market with 100μs refresh time and less than 1μs jitter
  • Easy setup with automatic address assignment for nodes
  • "On-the-fly" data exchange for high throughput
  • Standard Ethernet cables and connectors
  • FSoE - FailSafe over EtherCAT
  • Flexible network topology
  • Supports up to 192 slave nodes

One connection via the NJ-Series controller allows seamless control and communication with both the machine and the factory.

The new NJ-Series controllers join the world standard factory automation network, EtherNet/IP, with the best Ethernet-based machine control network, EtherCAT.

Key Ethernet/IP Features
  • Peer-to-Peer controller communication
  • SQL Client for fast database read and write
  • FTP Server for access to SD card
  • TCP/IP and UDP/IP Socket Services
  • NTP clock synchronization
  • SNMP network management

One Software

One software to control and configure the entire machine via a single connection gives you the power and efficiency to develop and create like never before.

Key Software Features
  • One part number, license, and install for development of logic, motion, vision, safety, I/O, networks, enterprise, and visualization
  • Free online software updates
  • Centralized troubleshooting for entire machine, devices, and network
  • Comments included with program download to controller
  • Contains all backward compatible firmware versions
  • Fast boot-up time

Ease of Programming
  • IEC 61131-3 compliant ladder, ST, in-line ST, and safety FBD
  • User-generated structures, functions, function blocks, and libraries
  • Dynamic Toolbox with search and select
  • F1 context sensitive help
  • Background compile and check

Testing & Simulation
  • Integrated Logic and HMI screen simulation
  • Synchronized data trace
  • 3D motion simulation with video export
  • Troubleshooting break and step functions

Secure it all
  • Advanced security function with 32 digit security password
  • Complete project or single Function Block can be protected
  • Machine cloning prevention

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