Multicell Insertion Heaters

Multicell Insertion Heater
Watlow's Multicell Insertion Heaters provide efficient heat dissipation and long life to meet your highest demands. The advanced design of the MULTICELL heater from Watlow offers three major advantages over other insertion heaters: extreme process temperature capability, independent zone control for precise temperature uniformity and loose fit design for easy insertion and removal.


  • Multiple, independently controllable zones for process temperature uniformity
  • Radiant design of heater permits easy removal and replacement with minimal downtime
  • Oxidized sheath improves heater performance as oxidation increases
  • Quick disconnect plug and jack enables quick replacement of individual elements while maintaining operating temperature
  • Special bending capabilities solves unusual machinery needs and keeps leads away from heated zones
  • Flexible leads up to 842°F (450°C) protects termination from high temperature environment


  • Patented lead adapter (la) method allows same day shipment on more than 150,000 configurations of stock FIREROD heaters and lead combinations
  • International Organization for STD (ISO) 9001 certification provides confidence that quality and reliability expectations are met
  • Conductor pins provide a metallurgical bond to the resistance wire and ensures trouble-free electrical connection

Performance Capabilities

  • Engineered to achieve sheath temperatures up to 2050°F (1120°C)
  • Up to six independently controllable zones

Typical Applications

  • Hot isothermal forming
  • Soil remediation
  • Hot forging dies
  • Super plastic forming
  • Heated platens (single and multiple zones)
  • Heat treating processes
  • Super plastic forming with diffusion bonding
  • Polysilicon ingots and Hot gas generation
  • Hazardous waste treatment systems

Download the Multicell Insertion Heater Datasheet

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