Comfort & Radiant Heaters

Comfort Heaters
Comfort heaters come in three basic varieties: forced air, radiant, and convection. Electric heat is the perfect choice because of the high turndown ratio, ensuring maximum comfort with the minimum use of energy. 

Forced Air Heaters

Forced air heaters benefit from a compact design, packing a lot of heat in a little area, reducing cost. Valin offers industrial, harsh environment, portable and commercial forced air heaters. Industrial forced air heaters are self-contained heaters that provide quiet, reliable fan-forced heating in all types of commercial and industrial applications. Harsh environment forced air heaters are designed for hazardous locations and are corrosion resistant, explosion proof and can be hosed down. Portable forced air heaters come in regular blower and industrial blower types. The commercial heaters can fit in cabinet consoles and are perfect for offices, waiting rooms or stairways.

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Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters are ideal for outdoor environments or spot heating such as a workstation. Valin offers fixed and portable infrared radiant heaters that are designed to emit radiant energy for spot and zone heating, metal-sheath infrared radiant heaters that are designed for versatility and can be configured and mounted for optimal process heating, and wide area radiant panel heaters that can be mounted to radiate in any direction and can reliably operate with no reduction in radiant output over the life of the heater.

Convection Heaters

Industrial convection heaters are designed for industrial and commercial spaces where quiet, maintenance free operation is critical. Valin can offer hazardous rated heaters in both convection and blower, often used in Oil & Gas fields or refineries where explosive gasses may be present, but people still need to get their work done. 

Hands-On Assistance from Engineers

Consider Valin engineers as an extension to your engineering team. Valin engineers implement vast knowledge of process heating applications to understand and address the complete thermal needs of each individual client. This allows Valin to offer the most effective tank heating system ideal system for a specific application. No two plant facilities are the same, and thus each one needs a heater solution tailored to individual processes and needs.

Valin offers engineering and design services including:
  • Sizing
  • Product selection
  • Controls
  • Start up and commissioning services along with annual preventative maintenance contracts (ensuring the system will last a long time)

Valin engineers assist customers in:   
  • Budget Estimates
  • Submittal package
  • Control and power distribution design
  • Installation details
  • Design optimization
  • Energy reduction

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