Omron NXR Series IP67 Remote Terminal

NXR Series IP67 Remote Terminal
Due to growing demand for data from the plant floor, manufacturers are requiring more capabilities from devices such as sensors, including device diagnostics and the ability to change configurations on the fly. IO-Link supports these needs through enhanced visibility and flexibility and helps maintain teams identify and resolve failures quickly on remote, rugged applications.

Manufacturers are adopting modern technologies to increase data collection and simplify machine set up. The NXR terminals provide a rugged IO solution for mounting and connecting IO remotely. NXR IO- Link Masters provide additional diagnostics to identify failures as well as two way communication to IO -Link devices. NXR IO- Link Hubs allow for wiring savings to reduce commissioning time and costs.

The Omron NXR IP67 IO-Link terminals provide all of these capabilities and more, while enhanced diagnostics with the Sysmac platform keeps machines running efficiently with minimal downtime.

NXR IP67 EtherNet/IP IO-Link Remote Terminals Features

  • Leverage hub connections for wiring cost savings
  • Device-level ring compatibility provides network redundancy
  • Configurable I/O options
  • IP67 rating for environmental robustness
  • LED status indicators
  • Short circuit detection

NXR IP67 EtherNet/IP IO-Link Remote Terminals Benefits

  • Forms part of a complete Omron IO-Link solution when combined with sensors, PLC, and I/O block
  • IO-Link capability provides enhanced diagnostics, configuration capability
  • Sysmac integration is easy thanks to IAGs, simplified configuration and more diagnostics
  • Dip switch setting for 3rd and 4th Octet in IP address enables programming-free replacement
  • Simplifies the identification of wire break or short circuit location based on distance from unit

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