Omron GX Series Remote I/O

Omron GX Series Remote I/O
Connect up to 8 IO-Link sensors with this IP67 rated IO-Link Master unit for water and dusty environments.
  • The host controller can cyclically read control signals, status, wiring, and power supply status of IO-Link sensors.
  • User-specified data in IO-Link devices can be read and written from the host controller when necessary.
  • Digital signals can be input rapidly from IO-Link sensors*1 during IO-Link communications.
  • IO-Link sensors can be combined with non-IO-Link sensors.
  • Incorrect connections of IO-Link sensors can be checked when IO-Link communications start.
  • Backup and restoration of IO-Link device parameters*2 make replacement of IO-Link sensors easier.
  • Sensors can report their errors to the master, which facilitates locating errors from the host.
  • The total number of retries in cyclic communications can be recorded to check the quality of IO-Link communications. (When EtherCAT is used as the host communication interface) *2

*1 IO-Link sensors that support digital inputs with pin 2.

*2 When the Omron IO-Link master united is used

Omron's initial offering of IO-Link products includes photoelectric sensors, color mark sensors, proximity sensors and IO-Link masters. By connecting sensors and controllers via IO-Link, all necessary information for stable sensor operations, such as incident light levels, are visible. Now, monitoring and error detection at the sensor level is possible; reducing downtime, aiding in predictive maintenance and decreasing commissioning time.

Omron GX Series Remote I/O Features

  • EtherCAT Remote I/O Modules
  • Compact size
  • IP20 housing
  • Expandable digital I/Os
  • Detachable I/O terminal blocks
  • Selectable high-speed input response time

Download Omron GX Series Remote I/O Datasheet

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