Omron FH-SMD 3D Robot Vision System

Omron FH-SMD 3D Robot Vision System
Production workers are hard to come by these days, and labor costs have risen sharply, putting pressure on manufacturers to automate complex manual processes. Automated systems must continue to identify complex shapes among bulk parts, pick them up, and align them according to feeding types and locations. While many automated part picking solutions fail to achieve human-level speed and flexibility, Omron is making great progress in this area.

FH-SMD 3D Robot Vision System Benefits

  • Fits in preexisting compact spaces
  • Small and light design saves installation space
  • Flexible part picking from multiple locations
  • Easily transportable to where needed
  • Optical technology makes the sensor small and light enough to mount on collaborative robots
  • Faster cycle time thanks to human-like speed and flexibility
  • High-speed detection in approximately 0.4 seconds makes picking smooth
  • Easy setup without manuals

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