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Animatics Corporation is the pioneer and recognized leader in the development of integrated motion.  The Animatics SmartMotor™ combines the best of brushless DC servo motors, servo amplifiers, motion controller, encoder, I/O and communications, all in a compact motor package.  Equipment design is greatly simplified and significant control panel space saved.

In addition, Animatics now offers a full line of ball screw and belt driven actuators with integral SmartMotor™ to save money and time to market.  Ask to see SmartMotor™ or the new OEM Dynamic Actuators firsthand.

The Animatics' SmartMotor™ has won numerous awards including:
  • "Inc. 500 Company";
  • "Engineering Excellence"
  • "Silicon Valley's Fastest - Growing Companies"
  • "Product of the Year"
  • "Hot Product"
  • "Editor's Choice Award"

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Motion Control and Automation
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