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MB Connect Line

MB Connect Line is the pacemaker when it comes to solutions for professional communication via internet. The main focus is a secure connection of machines and plants for remote access, data collection and M2M-communication.

MB Connect Line Products

MB Connect Line Routers are specifically designed for industrial use and take up little space on a DIN rail. They enable a secure and reliable VPN connection between you and your machine.  This means your machine can be anywhere in the world and so can you!

Access to the Internet is made through your corporate network (i.e. via Port 80 WAN) or through an integrated modem (WiFi, analog, 2G, 3G, or 4G).  On the LAN side you may access PLC’s, HMI, WEB cams, etc. through MB’s own secure portal account (mbCONNECT24V2). You choose who sees components in the field and who has access – full client control is at your finger-tips.  MB Connect Line offers a centralized system for universal access to control systems, panels, drives and controllers from different manufacturers.  Have a favorite tech at a manufacturer?  Allow them access to do the work for you securely.

Models include mbNET,, mbSPIDER and NETFIX (for plant network segmentation) – all affordable and industrial grade.

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Motion Control and Automation
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