Lubrication is the cornerstone of any reliability-driven maintenance program. Done correctly, it can improve lubricant quality, maximize equipment uptime and reliability, reduce costs and achieve an entirely new level of performance. Done poorly, it can result in losses as high as 30% of a plant’s overall maintenance budget. Valin has an in-house lubrication specialist who can help determine the right lubrication system for your unique needs.

General Lubrication

Grease Guns, pumps for oil and grease, diaphragm pumps, transfer equipment and a complete line of accessories.

Grease Fittings and Accessories

The original “Bullneck” fitting plus many more configurations to meet the most demanding applications. Accessories available to set up remote lubrication of difficult or hard to reach fittings.

Heavy-Duty Pumps

Industry leading PowerMaster ® and PileDriver ® pumps, pump stations and system accessories for adhesives, sealants, printing inks and other heavy, difficult-to-pump materials.

Shop Lubrication

Talk to one of our lubrication experts today at (855) 797-6387, or fill out our online form to learn more.

Fluid Power
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Valin provides outstanding solutions and are very responsive to our needs.

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When we needed technical assistance and applications support, Valin was there for us. Their knowledgeable engineers saved us an invaluable amount of time, helping us get up and running quickly. We are very happy with their services.