Hot Glycol Heat Trace w/ Gas Fired Boiler

Large amounts of heat tracing are required in remote locations without electricity. Valin offers a solar powered hot glycol heat trace / gas fired boiler skid.  The skid is a self-contained, single tail roll skid with solar panels, batteries, charge controller, PLC, pump and boiler all mounted on a single skid.

solar powered interface


  • Larger amounts of thermal power can be provided
  • Boiler can be fired using natural gas or propane
  • Self-Contained Skids – The Scalable Solar Power skids are self-contained (no field work is required to install, commission and operated these skids)
  • No Foundations –  No foundations, anchors etc. are required (just a level pad with a south facing exposure)
  • PLC controlled; Temperature can be controlled using a PID loops and temperature transmitters

Solar Powered Hot Glycol Heat Trace w/ Propane or C1 Fired Boiler

48 vdc Glycol Pump

Pump type, size and head depends on service
  • 3 hp Multi-Stage Pump
  • ¼ hp Single stage pump

Temperature Control

  • TC or RTD temperature control
  • PLC Proportional Integral Control Loop

Propane or Natural Gas Fired Boiler

  • Multiple boiler options are available

Range of Thermal Sizes are Available

  • Small; 10,000 btu/hr (3,000 watts)
  • Big; 140,000 btu/hr (41,000 watts)

Natural Gas / Fuel Gas Conditioning

  • If well head gas is used gas conditioning can be included


  • If propane fuel is used a propane tank can be provided
  • Tank Size depends duty cycle


  • 98%

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