Need a Custom Workstation?  Valin Can Build What You Need Fast! 

Valin offers completely customizable workstations that can be configured to fit the customer’s specific needs. By utilizing Valin’s custom workstations, customers are able to maximize efficiency in their day-to-day operations. For those looking to fully integrate a 5S approach, Valin’s workstations are the perfect solution.

Valin’s customizable workstations are applicable in a number of different environments, but we see them as particularly effective in light manufacturing, materials handling and manual assembly operations. They are very popular among semiconductor manufacturers, laboratories, clean rooms and inside of high tech and science organizations. 

With Valin’s expert 3D CAD design and in-house integrated manufacturing, Valin offers a quick turnaround time and can work directly from a customer’s concepts or sketches.

Valin’s engineering team will work with you to design a workstation that is customized for your exact needs.  

Workstation features can include:

  • Adjustable or fixed height workstations

  • Ergonomic design

  • Bin Trays

  • Instructional Boards

  • Tool hangers

  • Swing arms

  • Wheels for mobility

  • ESD Workstations (Electrostatic discharge)

  • Cleanroom compatible

  • Lighting

  • Pre-wired with outlet strips for powering assembly tools and CPU’s

  • Signal indication towers 

Check out some of our projects here.

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