Structural Framing Systems

Aluminum Structural Framing has Unlimited Application Capabilities and is Easily Re-configurable!

Aluminum is More Flexible than Steel for Structural Framing

Aluminum Structural Framing

Welding steel was a standard for factory structures and framing, but it is quickly becoming a thing of the past.  Our customers have found that aluminum structural framing is the better choice.  Why?

  •  It’s faster and cheaper. Aluminum structural framing systems are faster to assemble and more economical than steel for guarding, workstations, tables, machine bases and almost any structure.  See how Valin helped one company reduce time and installation costs for solar panels with aluminum structural framing.
  • Bolt-together construction means no welding or special tools needed, and assembly is fast and easy.  With dozens of bolt-together connectors available for virtually any load or application, welding steel is no longer needed.  Now almost any structure can be assembled without special tools or skills, and in significantly less time.
  • No finishing is needed.  Aluminum structural framing systems look clean and aesthetically pleasing, don’t require paint or other finishes.
  • Flexibility for re-configuration.  Bolt-together construction allows for re-configuration of structures if needs change in the future.
  • Accessories allow for more usage possibilities.  You can turn simple frames into multi-use structures to fit your application with a wide variety of accessories and ad-ons.

Aluminum Structural Framing Systems for Any Application

Valin’s technical specialists will work with you to determine your needs and can provide custom systems including:
See some of the options in this video:

Special Challenges are No Problem

We ensure that all structural framing projects are planned and executed to ensure a seamless transition into your facility.  We can also provide solutions to manufacturing challenges, including:
  • Cleanroom compatibility
  • Custom lengths
  • High-load capacities

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The only limitation is your imagination.  Contact us today or call us at (855) 737-4716 to discuss your needs.  Specialists are available to design a custom structural framing system to fit your needs and budget.
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