Separation Systems

From Design Through Start-Up, Valin Fabricates 2-Phase and 3-Phase Separators to Fit Your Oilfield Needs

Our Separator designers begin with a basic design using the flow rates of oil, water and gas. Based on the customer's specifications, process conditions and desired vessel operation, vessel sizing is completed. Our 3-phase separators utilize a design we developed in the early 80's. We have built several hundred vessels of this design.

Our design process is customer oriented in that we work together to develop fabrication schedules, choose instrumentation and controls and encourage site visits.

Vessel skids from Valin will incorporate whatever code is applicable to the installation. From ASME Section VIII to ANSI B31.1 to API RP14C, Valin Corporation will design to whatever standard is required.

Separation System

The Design

After meeting with the client and determining the vessel size, function and instrumentation, our team designed the nozzles, skid and vessel. Calculations supporting minimum wall thicknesses, skid layout and size and saddle locations were performed.

The drawing shown was one of several generated to show the proposed orientation of the piping, nozzles and instruments. This was reviewed in depth with the client. After minor design changes were completed, the drawing was finalized and issued for construction.

The Internals

All of our vessels are designed to fit our clients' needs. We have designed and built hundreds of vessels, each vessel unique to its installation. Some features that we include are weir boxes, wave breakers, splash guards, downcomers, vortex breakers, etc.


Shown above are some of the features we incorporated into one of our 3-phase separators. The photo on the left shows a weir box. These can be nearly any shape or size. This particular installation was based on our customer's need for a particular residence time. The middle photograph demonstrates a typical wave breaker. The photo on the right demonstrates a splash guard.

Our vessel internals are not limited to what is shown above. We will provide you with whatever solution you and your process require.



All our fabricated projects include the product lines we represent. Our alliances with our providers allow us to offer products that are world class. We will install Micro Motion meters, Jamesbury Valves, Daniel Meters or whatever alternative you choose.

Whether you need one separator or one hundred, our staff will assist you from design through commission.

Visit our Oil & Gas website to learn more at, or contact one of our Oil & Gas specialists at (888) 329-0005.

The Service from Valin has Always Been Excellent

Valin provides outstanding solutions and are very responsive to our needs.

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