Precision Allocation Kits

Eliminate Unnecessary Waste and Poor Separation with Valin’s Precision Allocation Kits for the Oil & Gas Industry

With the recent oil boom in the United States and Canada, the accurate allocation measurement of oil, water, and gas in surface operations is especially important.   Not only is this measurement the basis of the financial transaction between the oil companies and royalty owners, but it also helps keep operations running with effective production rates, enables royalty payment disputes to be easily mitigated, and  helps gain insight into separation problems.  

Valin’s Precision Allocation Measurement System™ eliminates unnecessary waste, poor separation, errors in the field processing, reduced product quality, and danger to individual users. Also, by precisely measuring the amounts of oil, water, and gas being extracted and processed, the royalty payment system becomes far more streamlined, causing fewer royalty payment disputes and providing a firm basis for the financial transaction. 

It is also common for operator’s to charge fees back to the land owners when equipment does not operate properly.  Operating costs are substantially decreased by installing Valin’s Precision Allocation Kits.  Don’t make the mistake of ordering these kits from just anyone online, leaving you to install the kit yourself.  Valin provides personalized service and onsite programming and will make sure everything is working properly before we leave your site. We have had hundreds of successful installations.
With a complete monitoring and measurement system attached to existing separation technology, the efficiency and accuracy of a well operation significantly increases, allowing both the oil company and land owner to maximize the potential of their operation.  

Information pays off in the form of lack of errors, fewer tanks, lower labor costs, higher efficiency, and more accurate measurements on which to base financial transactions. 

Reliable measurement technology also allows for early insight into potential or existing production problems.

SCADA & Networking

The Valin Allocation Measurement systems provides information such as ESD, valve status, valve position, tank levels, tubing pressure, and casing pressure.  Users can also view water/oil interface, totalize the oil flowrate, control fresh water and salt water pumps, set the VFD to run permissive, and view a variety of other SCADA information. 

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