Pre-Integrated Machine Base

Manual Loader for Glass Panel
Valin offers a Pre-Integrated Machine Base that includes the base frame along with all of the hardware needed to support all the actuated axes of motion in the machine.  Including motors, slides, encoders, stages and actuators, Valin provides complete design, component selection and physical assembly expertise.

Particularly effective in the medical device and biotech/pharmaceutical industries, Valin’s Pre-integrated Machine Base is perfect for machine builders and system integrators who have engineers on staff whose time is of the utmost importance.  With Valin’s offering, these engineers can now focus on core parts of their process without having to concern themselves with the machine structure and components. 

With Valin’s expert 3D CAD design and all-under-one-roof framing design, fabrication and assembly operations, we integrate our concept-to-production process.  With our robust knowledge of product life cycles, Valin can help the customer plan for product upgrades and future obsolescence in order to ensure product line continuity.

Let Valin design a Pre-integrated Machine Base to fit your needs. Contact us today or call us at (855) 737-4716 to work with one of our specialists.
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