Phase Separation

C3 Cylindrical cyclone

Best-in-Class Oil and Gas Multiphase Measurement Solution with GLCC Technology 

C3 Compact Cylindrical Cyclone 

A revolution in multiphase measurement, the C3 from Valin with GLCC technology provides a best-in-class oil and gas solution in a far more compact and economical package than traditional horizontal or vertical separators. The use of patented GLCC technology gives the C3 an extremely compact, portable footprint that greatly reduces initial capital expenditures and environmental impact. The industry-leading components used throughout enable system automation at the wellhead, providing full-time surveillance, real-time data, and production optimization. And because the C3 comes from Valin, the world leader in compact separation solutions, it’s backed by years of experience.

Key Features and Cost Advantages 

  • Full-time surveillance and real-time data at the wellhead

  • 2-phase or 3-phase separation

  • Heavy oil superiority

  • Lowest system pressure loss available

  • Best-in-class net oil solution

  • Compact size for low capital investment, portability, and low purge time

  • Virtually no moving parts and self diagnostic metering ensures minimal maintenance

  • Automation reduces surveillance man hours and environmental liabilities, while increasing production

How It Works 

C3 Machine 2

The C3’s cylindrical cyclone vertically separates the gas from the multiphase flow using:

  • The principles of gravity

  • Buoyancy

  • Centrifugal force

The separated liquid and gas phases can then be metered according to your needs utilizing Coriolis meters and a water cut meter in heavy-oil situations. Gas and liquid phases can continue to be processed separately or recombined and sent via common trunk line to a central facility for processing and sales. Regardless of application, there’s no more tank gauging, no more full-tank shut downs, and no ongoing energy costs to heat large separator vessels. And because production can be monitored full time, response to problems like pumping unit failures can be immediate, saving time and money.

Valin: The Industry Leader

Valin was first to the market with a commercial application for GLCC technology, and with over 2000 installations worldwide to date, they are the clear leader in compact separation solutions. Valin’s systematic approach in developing the C3 has led to several distinct systems suited to a variety of industry applications, including offshore, gas and oil production.

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