Material Handling

Need a Custom Solution to Help You Move Your Materials in a Controlled and Protected Manner? Valin Can Help!

Material Handling
For manufacturers, logistics businesses, distributors and specialized transport companies, space and organization are everything.  As materials and operations managers strive to implement Lean practices throughout their operations, they seek out solutions for space-efficient material storage that are optimally matched to their products and processes. 

Valin’s Material Handling flow racks, carts and shelving can be custom designed to fit whatever product you have a need to stack, rack and sort.  Valin’s expert engineering staff can provide custom, CAD-designed modular solutions to help you reduce material damage and improve your product flow to a maximum level of efficiency.  Well-designed storage solutions also make materials easier to count and can save labor time and money. 

Valin’s Material Handling solutions include custom-designed mobile carts that enable pre-kitting of material. This eliminates extra handling steps and improves materials accuracy. You can use the product to arrange, array, orient and locate parts for more efficient operations. 

With a configurable design process, in-house quick turn engineering, and a library of pre-engineered solutions as a guide, Valin can deliver the perfect solution for your specific requirements. And by taking advantage of Valin’s CAD design team, you can customize your products with a more sleek appearance using designer colors.

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