Machine Guarding

Protect Your Processes and Your Employees with Machine Guarding from Valin 

Machine Guarding

The most critical element for manufacturers of any kind is the safety of its workers. The men and women who are on the floor operating dangerous equipment need to know that their organization is taking every available step to ensure their health and well-being. Valin understands this and offers their fully-customized Machine Guarding line of products. This line consists of physical and sensor-based barriers that are designed to protect workers during times of machine operation.

Depending on your specific needs, Valin’s Machine Guarding can include wall structures, windows, light curtains and doors. Sensors are installed in access panels that are programmed to shut down the machine in operation in the event that someone has opened a door or put their hand through a light curtain. 

Offered in both pre-fabricated and fully-customizable options, the wall systems come in a variety of different panel materials. From transparent/tinted plastics to wire mesh fencing, aluminum or specialty glass materials, whatever your specific circumstances call for, Valin can deliver. With our custom, 3D CAD based design of the guarding systems, we can match any machine drawings or 3D models the customer provides. Our expert engineers can also help select the appropriate combination of sensors, interlock switches, etc. to facilitate integration into a full system design.

Valin’s engineering team will work with you to design a process enclosure or safety guarding solution that fits your needs.  Our team will develop your idea into a full blown solution, including budgetary costs and detailed concept sketches or CAD drawings.  We will meet with you personally to review your design and specifications.  Requested changes are documented and reviewed with you so we can provide your final solution in proposal format.

Once approved, your process enclosure or safety guarding system is manufactured, inspected and prepared for shipment.  We can ship your system fully assembled or, if you prefer, kitted and packaged for shipment to your end destination.  We’ll deliver your project ready-to-install, or we can install it for you.

Protect your employees with:

  • Safety hardguarding

  • Perimeter guards

  • Light curtains and safety door interlocks

  • Welding screens

  • Protection from airborne contaiminants

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