LACT Units and Custody Transfer Solutions

Valin LACT Units Deliver High Accuracy Measurement from Wellhead to Pipeline

LACT Units

LACT Units Give Liquid Meters Accuracy Rates of .25 percent or Better

Precision measurement expertise is one of the most important parts of transferring oil from a producing oil field into the oil pipeline, truck or other oil transport method.  Precise measurement is absolutely critical. Water or natural gas content is not allowed in the saleable oil stream.

This measurement is generally done through two common methods: gauging and liquid metering.  Due to a number of inconveniences and inaccuracies associated with gauging, liquid metering is regarded as the most efficient method and utilized by almost all new applications.

With the aid of additional components, the liquid meter is capable of unattended measurement at accuracy rates of 0.25 percent or better.  This measurement system is known as a Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) Unit, and offers a true Custody Transfer solution.

The benefit of utilizing unattended measurement versus manual measurement is not just in the accuracy, but in safety as well. Climbing ladders and opening storage tanks is a severe safety hazard!

We can partner with you to provide true, turn-key LACT solutions by integrating the following best-in-class services:
  • Flow control technologies
  • Precision measurement
  • Automation and full SCADA interface
  • Full design engineering, sales, and manufacturing expertise
  • On-site start up and commissioning and 24/7 on-site troubleshooting support
  • Field retrofit services to get those old or surplus LACT units up to today’s standards

LACT Unit and Custody Transfer Solution Tools

See Valin’s tools and resources for selecting a LACT Unit or Custody Transfer option that fits your application:

Valin’s LACT and Custody Transfer Experience in the Oil and Gas Industry

Valin Corporation is an oil and gas industry leader of high quality, Coriolis based:
  • Custody Transfer Measurement Systems
  • Net oil solutions
  • Oilfield Processing

Before, during and after sale, Valin provides a complete customer experience that has proven trustworthy time and again.

Valin serves key energy locations throughout the Western United States including:
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • Farmington, NM
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Austin, TX
  • Williston, ND

Visit our full LACT website to learn more about Valin’s measurement systems, including our LACT Configurator Tool and other selection guides. You can also contact one of our Oil & Gas specialists online, or call us at (888) 329-0005.

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Valin provides outstanding solutions and are very responsive to our needs.

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