Hydraulic Filter Systems

From Mobile Hydraulic Filter Systems, to Stationary Units…Valin has you covered!

For any manufacturing company with hydraulic equipment, Valin offers its hydraulic filter systems. This includes filters, plumbing and possibly pumps that can be plugged directly into a hydraulic fluid reservoir where it filters, cleans and returns the hydraulic fluid. 

By removing particulate contamination from hydraulic fluid, Valin’s hydraulic filter system is a preventative maintenance solution.  It ultimately goes a long way in keeping equipment from failing due to contamination.

Additionally, Valin provides oil analysis from a team of experts to show how much particulate has been removed and once installed, how improved the fluid cleanliness is. Valin also offers preventative maintenance services including filter media replacement and regular system checkups.

Filter systems filter out contaminants from oil. There are online and offline units. Online units are built into a system and actively filter out contaminants when the system is running. Offline units are more common and used as a preventative maintenance tool.

Mobile Units

Mobile filtration unit designed for filtering fluids during initial filling of a system and offline filtering such as a kidney loop, to clean up the oil in an existing system without the need to take the system offline. These units can also be used to transfer fluids while simultaneously cleaning and polishing the fluid.
  • Convenient mobile devices used for the separation of solid particles
  • Used to filter nearly any type of hydraulic fluid, including insulating oils, lubricating oils, and coolants
  • Offline Filtration during flushing or topping off of reservoirs
  • Versatile, portable & convenient
  • Can be operated as a “kidney loop” to filter oil while the main system is running

Stationary Units

Stationary units take oil from a reservoir to clean and polish it from all types of contaminants (dirt and water). The purified oil is pumped back into the intended reservoir. The contaminants accumulate in the filter.
  • Specifically designed for permanent utilization in the bypass flow filtration of hydraulic and lubrication fluids
  • Relieved load on primary filtration systems
  • Simple Retrofitting of existing systems
  • Improved lifecycle of hydraulic, lubrication, and other fluids
  • Reduce downtime, and breakdown situations
  • Can operate unattended

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