Flow Racks

Designed for manufacturers involved with light manufacturing, assembly operations, warehousing and pick & pack operations, Valin offers its completely customized flow racks.  Valin’s expertise in material handling equipment and work station design allows for full customization capabilities, especially for those special, fragile and difficult-to-handle parts.  Valin Flow Racks can also be integrated with custom bins and storage solutions to provide an entire work cell material storage solution.

Valin Flow Racks are an automatic first-in, first-out line of equipment.  When materials are loaded from one side of the rack, they will automatically flow to the other side.  This allows for the parts to be presented in an easy-to-reach, efficient manner.  Additionally, the flow racks reduce foot traffic to deliver parts and improves the overall ergonomics for assembly.  Valin Flow Racks will improve efficiency of materials delivery and make it much easier to count and track inventory.

Valin Flow Racks are truly the lean material delivery solution for assembly and picking operations.

Lean Flow Racks

The lean flow rack system is characterized by great flexibility and versatility. Red, yellow and green rollers provide visual indicators for timely replenishment, while also preventing surplus line-side inventory.



The EcoFlow flow rack system has universal rollers with variable widths. This makes EcoFlow ideal for heavy loads and workpiece pallets as well as for transporting materials in blister packs, wash frames, and cardboard boxes.

Vario Aluminum Grab Containers 

Vario Aluminum Grab Containers

Vario grab containers offers a solution for the most varied demands when supplying small parts.

With its profiles of variable length, the Vario grab containers enable you to place materials of varying volumes and amounts easily and compactly in the tightest of spots.

The grab container base facilitates an ergonomically optimal adjustment of grab container stacking and its simple placement on the table or on horizontal and vertical strut profiles.

Plastic Grab Container (with ESD)

These sturdy and hard-wearing containers have ergonomically designed grab ledges. This enables parts to be grasped quickly and safely. Containers can be exchanged easily, cutting the time needed for commissioning, parts supply and converting the workstations.

Plastic Grab Containers

Plastic grab containers can be supplied via a suspension profile or material shelves at the workstation and can also be integrated in a material shuttle.  They also come in ESD (Electrostatic discharge) versions.

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