Low Cost, Flexible Conveyor Systems for Your Unique Material Flow Management Application

Valin can help design and build a conveyor system for your unique material flow management application. Our systems offer real value with lower entry costs and the ability to adapt flexibly to changing requirements.

Productivity in Motion

Our flexible chain conveyors deliver the value successful manufacturers demand, across a wide range of industries and applications. Offering proven performance with lower entry costs and a unique array of design features that adapt flexibly to changing requirements. Our flexible chain conveyors are engineered with attention to details critical for improved productivity.

Engineered to Create Value

Our conveyors are designed from the ground up to satisfy the unique requirements of each participant in the factory automation value chain:
  • End users
  • OEMs
  • System integrators
For end-users such as factory operators and production line managers, our conveyors offers long-lasting strength and flexibility and reliable system components that use less energy and can be easily adapted (changed, moved, or expanded) to meet shifting needs.
For OEMs building specific production machines requiring conveyor motion, we offer a large selection of different chain types to fit any machine type or function.
For System Integrators building complete production lines, our conveyors provides the performance and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) to satisfy demanding end-user requirements, backed by top priority technical support.

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The Service from Valin has Always Been Excellent

Valin provides outstanding solutions and are very responsive to our needs.

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