Mobile Technology Vehicle

Valin Corporation is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and technical expertise to meet your process requirements. On board the Mobile Technology Vehicle you and your associates will see the latest technologies in Automation, Filtration, Fluid Management, Fluid Power, Precision Measurement, and Process Heating systems.

What is the Valin Mobile Technology Vehicle?

Our Mobile Technology Vehicle (MTV) is a promotional and training facility. Valin is traveling across the Western United States to share our product solutions and service capabilities with our customers. This program provides you and your associates the ability to see the latest solutions and innovative products for industrial process control and analytical applications.

The MTV has a series of interactive displays that have been designed to give a 1,000 foot view of Valin’s qualifications. The tour begins with four interactive screens showing liquid as it flows through a pipeline specifically highlighting process heat, filtration, fluid handling, and process control. It is a simple application showing how four different technologies touch one process. If it runs through a pipe or tube Valin can help you measure it, control it, filter it, heat it, automate, and network it.

Valin gives its customers a competitive edge by bringing solutions directly to your facility. Many of our solutions will improve your processes by making them safer, more reliable, and faster.