TEAM Valin in Action

Team Valin Employee of the Month Program
Team Valin is a concept consisting of a 4 pillar platform that was created based on Valin’s history of entrepreneurial innovation. Each pillar customer, supplier, community, and employee represents a vital part of Valin’s business model.

The Team Valin in Action program recognizes specific employees who are the epitome of what Team Valin stands for and highlights their accomplishments. Valin recognizes one employee each month that has gone above and beyond their normal job responsibilities. What qualifies an employee to be acknowledged is a performance which sets a positive example and a higher standard for others to follow. An important factor of the program is that chosen employees are nominated by their peers.

The following describes each pillar of the Team Valin platform.
1. Customers
  • Provide solutions for unmet needs
  • Develop meaningful relationships
  • Effectively communicate
  • Gone above and beyond to assist customer
  • Represent customer needs for product development
2. Suppliers
  • Positive brand representation
  • Increase brand quality
  • Develop long term partner relationships
3. Community
  • Actively participate in our local communities
  • Donate time and money to selected local and global philanthropies
  • Establish foundation of goodwill
4. Employees
  • Increase shareholder value
  • Seek out personal training and education (beyond Valin requirements)
  • Helping a co-worker in the time of need
  • Contribute to the improvement of group morale or productivity
  • Engaging in continuous process improvements
  • Creating a lasting customer experience
The Service from Valin has Always Been Excellent

Valin provides outstanding solutions and are very responsive to our needs.

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