Motion or Logic? Simple or Advanced? A few I/O or many? Application or Machine scope?

No matter the scope of your application, whether it is large or small, motion or logic-based, stand-alone or PC-based, Valin has a great controller solution for you.

There are a number of considerations to start with when selecting the best controller for your application that many people do not consider:
  • Who is going to program the application and what is his or her programming background? Is he used to the higher-level languages like C# or LabView? Is she comfortable with ladder-logic? Or is he used to the more script-based languages like BASIC? Which of the IEC 61131 languages would he prefer?
  • Logic or Motion? What is the core purpose of the controller in your application? As much as PLCs and motion-controller are becoming more and more alike, they still have their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • How many and what types of inputs and outputs does your controller need to interface with for your application?
  • What is your control architecture? Centralized or distributed? Stand-alone or PC-based?
  • What does your application's future hold...or your company for that matter? Believe it or not, that can play a big part in making the best, or worst, decision for your application!
Let our Application Engineers help you pick the best controller for your application.

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