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Omron Scientific Technologies Inc. (STI) is the leading supplier of machine safeguarding products in the United States and is recognized throughout the world for its superior products, services and safety education. Omron STI products are the industry standard for keeping employees safe while working with automated equipment. Omron STI products include safety light curtains, perimeter guards, safety interlocks & relays, safety floor mats and safety sensors. In addition, Omron STI is a pioneer in the field of safety education and risk assessment. Tools like Omron STI’s Visual OSHA Interactive Machine Safeguarding Course on CD-ROM are now available for use in a network environment. Omron STI – true leaders in the field of employee safety!

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The industry and manufacturing sectors are moving toward “intelligent systems”—this broad term refers to a system or machine that “has the capacity to gather and analyze data and communicate with other systems.”  Intelligent systems are characterized by large numbers of sensors and the ability to self-diagnose errors or maintenance issues long before a human operator would be able to identify a problem.