Filtration Skids

Engineered Filtration Solutions that Lead to Increased Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Valin’s filtration specialists can help select the proper filtration skid solution that is specific to your needs. We can help make sure your process is running efficiently, with a strong focus on reducing the overall cost of operation. We partner with HILCO, a world leader in filtration technology (a division of Hilliard), to provide a flexible solution based on your specific application. Filtration skids can include:
Filtration Skid System

Conditioning of Synthetic Lube Oils

Acid reduction of synthetic lubrication fluids is important for proper maintenance of pumps and bearings.

How It Works: Historically, fuller's earth (Hilite) and activated alumina (Hilite-A) have been, and continue to be, specified to neutralize the acid. The use of Selexsorb and ion exchange technology is also being used for fluids with additives.

HILCO has several decades of experience and expertise in manufacturing systems for synthetic fluids. We will work with you to design a specific solution to meet your application. 

  • Rotating equipment manufacturers
  • Lube, hydraulic, and Electrohydraulic Control (EHC) Systems
Fluid Conditioning System

Fluid Conditioning System

The EHC Fluid Conditioning Systems is a rugged yet affordable solution for small filtration systems or portable filter carts. This system can provide treatment by utilizing HILCO's Selexsorb, fuller's earth, activated alumina, or ion exchange cartridges.

How It Works: HILCO has recently developed a self-supporting, manifold design system ideal for the fluid conditioning needs of the EHC system operators. This system:
  • Uses Hilliard patent-pending dry resin ionic exchange cartridges for acid control (TAN)
  • Maintains moisture and particulate contamination by a set of Hilsorb dryer cartridges.
  • Has a multitude of pumps, motors, and instrumentation that are all controlled by an onboard PLC.

With years of expertise working together, Valin and HILCO will engineer a fluid conditioning system that improves your day to day operations.
Oil Reclaimer

Oil Reclaimers

HILCO Oil Reclaimers restore contaminated oil to a like-new condition. Dirty oil can be purified and re-used to help reduce overall cost of operation. Simple to operate and easy to maintain, this system extends fluid life and greatly decreases costs for waste disposal and purchase of new fluids.

How It Works: Direct connection to equipment sumps, or in process lines, provides a constant supply of purified oil. When direct connection is not feasible, the batch method applies. Oil for reclamation is brought to the Reclaimer, or a portable Reclaimer is taken to the equipment.

We will work with you to find a HILCO Oil Reclaimer or Reclamation System for any size plant operation.

Valin and HILCO can also completely engineer and integrate a system, built around the HILCO Oil Reclaimer, to help your production run more efficiently. This system incorporates storage tanks, filters, delivery pumps and controls to accommodate special purifying requirements or larger quantities of oil.
Partner with Valin for a filtration skid solution that is designed for cost reduction and increased production. Contact a filtration specialist or call us at (855) 737-4717 to find a solution for you filtration needs.

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