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pbm instrument isolation valveInstrument Isolation Valve

An instrument valve is used for isolation of pressure gauges, orifice plates, flush rings, and various measurement instruments. The instrument valve normally “lives” in the open position and is closed only to isolate the instrument for service or replacement.


  • Easy 1/4-turn operation
  • 1/2”- 1” Sizes, API 607 qualified in 316 SS
  • Class 2500#
  • Rod-out capability
  • Variety of end connections
  • Materials of construction: most high alloy stainless steels, duplex, hastelloy, inconel, and titanium
  • Seats and seals to meet the most stringent temperature and corrosion requirements
  • Welded tamperproof body design
  • Visual position indication
  • Lockable manual handles standard and automation available
  • Unique applications welcome
  • Rod-out tool available
  • Comply with power piping ANSI/ASME B 31.1


1/2” 2-way 316L stainless steel, male x female NPT, TFM® seats, locking lever handle
1/2” 2-way 316L stainless steel, female x female NPT, TFM seats, locking lever handle, with (2) each 1/2” FNPT gauge port.

Double Block Valves

Sizes:  1/4” - 6”

Pressure Class:

  • 1/4” - 3/4” ANSI Class 2500
  • 1 -2” ANSI Class 600
  • 3”, 4”, 6” ANSI Class 150, 300

End Connections:

  • Thread Pipe, male or female
  • Flanged
  • Buttweld
  • Socket Weld
  • Bleed or Gauge Ports available


  • TFM®   
  • PEEK            
  • Stellite
  • Carbon Graphite
  • Celazole


  • All Alloy Stainless Steel
  • Duplex Stainless Steel
  • Monel
  • Hastelloy
  • Carbon Steel
  • Others if requested

Transmitter Isolation Valves

A Transmitter Isolation Valve is a valve that is used to isolate media in a tank from a pressure / level transmitter. The pressure measurement allows calculation of the level of liquid in a tank. The TIV lives in the open position thus creating a communication between the media in the tank and the transmitter. The valve is only closed when the transmitter needs to be isolated for service or replacement.

Triple Redundant Valves

A major international petrochemical company was looking for a triple-redundant method of isolating transmitters used to provide vital feedback on petrochemicals stored in tanks. The valves required to insolate transmitters had to be fire rated and capable of providing a tight shutoff against corrosive and high-temperature petrochemicals. Each assembly contained 3 transmitter isolation valves, each with two fire-rated valves on the purge connections to facilitate cleaning the valve bodies and calibrating the transmitters.

Flush Rings & Bleed Rings

Flush rings & Bleed rings to customer material and pressure class specifications designed to fit between standard flanges using conventional flange gaskets. Integral ball valve allows venting, purging, sampling and instrument isolation.

PBM Instrument Valve Brochure [PDF]